Saturday Flashback: Viktoria Tocca – We’re Still Young

Tim: We reviewed Ready To Run; Viktoria came across it recently and sent us this to have a look at. It’s from last summer, and her debut single in the US.

Tim: And I think that’ll do me nicely. Our main complaint last time was that it built but never really climaxed; no such complaint here, and to be honest it’s quite nice to hear a “we are young” song that’s so calm and relaxed, and it makes me wonder why they’re quite rare – after all, being young is just as much about having time to relax as it is about wanting to party and be loud, but I digress.

Tom: That’s true: although I suspect it’s a tougher sell in the charts.

Tim: Pleasant track – I’d best describe it as a mix between Shania Twain and The Corrs, so there are two very ’90s references for you. Nice one.

Tom: I was going to say the Corrs! I’m not sure if that’s a compliment these days, but I meant it as one.

Viktoria Tocca – Ready To Run

“I want more from it.”

Tim: New Swede here. (well, new as far as releasing music goes, not new as in newborn, but, well, anyway) with a decent chunk of pop for you, especially if you like yellow and turquoise.

Tom: Have you been on the port again? That’s a heck of an introduction.

Tim: Rude. No, just the beer. And watch the video, you’ll understand.

Tim: And I like that. I really do. Except…well, I want more from it.

Tom: You know why? Because this sounds like a TV theme. That introduction sounds like it’s going to be the lead-out from a teaser section into a title sequence.

Tim: Huh, yes, it does and all. I’ll tell you my main problem, though: I spent most of the middle eight thinking “I’m looking forward to the key change that’s coming soon, although I know there probably won’t be one.”

I think its main flaw is repeating the chorus immediately after its second outing. Typically, and this song is nothing if not typical, that’s what you do at the end, when you’re climaxing (for want of a better word).

Tom: Classy. But not only that: there’s not nearly enough delineation between the chorus and the verse. The whole chorus sounds like a build, not an actual chorus.

Tim: An enjoyable build, mind. The doubling gives the impression that “yep, we’ve done that already, so just IMAGINE what’s coming next,” and so I do imagine it, and then the only special thing is an (admittedly quite pleasant) instrumental bit. And it’s a bit of letdown. Which is a shame, because it’s a decent track – certainly leaves me wanting to see what’s next from her – but it just doesn’t deliver what it sort of promises.