Stereoact feat. Voyce – So soll es bleiben

“I’m just not sure about this “understated” thing.”

Tim: Directly following on from yesterday, and it would appear that Kontor Records know what they like.

Tom: I was going to say “videos with women in skimpy clothing” as a quick joke, and then it turns out that’s frame one of the video. Sticking to form.

Tim: I’d be disappointed with anything else really, though that’s not where it stops. Let’s be honest, there are a lot of similarities between the two, both being understated dance-pop tracks (though this verges further towards the pop side, proper middle eight and everything).

Tom: I’m just not sure about this “understated” thing. I know there’s a place for it, but tracks like this and yesterday’s feel like they’re sitting in an uncomfortable uncanny valley between “pleasant pop ballad” and “banger”.

Tim: Perhaps, but looking at that from a different perspective they’re both nice to listen to, admittedly with nothing hugely exciting going on, and in both the most interesting part is the vocal pre-chorus. But here, I absolutely love that part. I don’t know what it is – maybe it’s a bit familiar? – but that vocal and the underlying beats just sound so great together.

Tom: I’ll admit that, by the second chorus, I think I finally figured out what they’re aiming for. It’ll take a few more tracks like this to convince me to like it — I suspect, though, that Kontor is ready to provide.

Tim: The title translates to “That’s the way it should stay”, and you know what? I really think it should.