Wincent Weiss – Hier mit dir

“I’d imagined it being a bit better.”

Tim: Off Germany, and it’s a couple of months old but it’s only just appeared on Apple Music’s German Pop playlist, so here it is. Title means ‘Here with you’, which is apparently the best place to be. Isn’t that nice?

Tom: There is no point in my life where I’ve ever wanted to see photos and videos of some stranger when they were a baby. Or just footage of them eating, which is what I saw when I briefly flicked back to the video. That is a terrible video.

Tim: Won’t disagree with you there.

Tom: Normally at this point I’d add “and it’s made me despise the track”, but honestly I’m having trouble mustering any feelings about this track whatsoever.

Tim: Okay here’s the thing. I first heard this in the shower, so only got the bare bones of it, and it sounded really, really good. The melody, the structure, it was all there. Then I played it again afterwards, and, well. Still pretty good, but I’d imagined it being a bit better. So, the way I see it: chop off that Lighthouse Family intro, add a bigger drumbeat after the first chorus and maybe throw in a key change at 2:54, and you’ve got yourself a strong mid-90s Eurovision contender there.

Tom: That’s harsh but not entirely unfair.

Tim: Obviously that’s not what they were going for, but it’s certainly something I’d like to hear in a remix.