Yello – Waba Duba

It’s really easy to say “well, this won’t be popular”.

Tom: They’re Swiss. They’re 75 and 68 years old. And you’ll know them from 1985’s Oh Yeah.

Tim: Tragically, or perhaps not, I’ve somehow gone this far throughout my life without encountering that one. Ah, well, let’s see what we’ve got now.  

Tom: It’s important to note: this isn’t a comeback or an attempt at a novelty single. This is just the same genre of electronic music that they’ve been doing for years.

Tim: Hmm – yeah, I can certainly see the link from Oh Yeah to this. In fact, listening to them one after the other they could almost be on the same album.

Tom: Thing is, sure, it’s really easy to say “well, this won’t be popular”. It almost certainly won’t. I almost clicked away after the first few seconds. But the exact same could have been said for “Oh Yeah”. Back then, it became popular because of its use in movies; now, all it’s take is one TikTok trend and this would be in the charts. It’s weird, but I don’t think it’s bad. I’m not adding it to my playlists. But I’m not ruling it out either.

Tim: Okay. Yeah, I see that, and I’d agree. These days, can’t really rule anything out.