Rasmus Seebach – I mine øjne

It’s a slow builder, but build it does

Tim: Number 1 in Denmark, this is. Let’s see if we agree with them.

Tom: That starts slowly, doesn’t it? I don’t have high hopes.

Tim: Well, yes, the first verse – a little uninspiring. First chorus – kicks it up a bit, starts to work for me. Second verse – better than the verse with the drumbeat. Second chorus – again works for me.

Tom: You’re right; it’s a slow builder, but build it does; by that second chorus I was rather looking forward into it.

Tim: Interesting pause in the middle eight, giving a sense of anticipation. Closing part—

Tom: Come on, big triumphant final chorus…

Tim: …what the hell was that? Nothing. It’s a massive disappointment.

Tom: I wasn’t expecting a ridiculous key change or anything – it’s far too classy a song for that – but it does seem like a bit of a poor effort. No gospel choir?

Tim: Alas, no. Overall, it’s okay – it’s just very much let down by the ending.