Velvet – Love Struck

A solid middle-of-DJ-set track.

Tom: It takes more than a minute for the beat to drop on this, but when it does, it’s worth it.

Tom: It’s not spectacular, but I reckon it’s a solid middle-of-DJ-set track that won’t make anyone leave the dancefloor. It’s by-the-numbers, but they’re very good numbers.

Tim: They are, aren’t they. Just straight-down-the-middle, this-is-what-you-dance-to stuff.

Tom: That clock-tick bridge out of the middle eight? With full speakers and lighting on a dancefloor, and a good crowd, I might even go so far as to justify ‘epic’.

Tim: Ooh, high praise indeed. I’m surprised we haven’t yet featured Velvet, despite her releasing many excellent tracks over the years, including an interesting cover of Eddy Grant’s Electric Avenue.

Tom: I’m surprised I haven’t heard of her before. She’s quite good, isn’t she?