Daníel Óliver – Takin’ It Back

He is, indeed, takin’ it back.

Tom: “It’s better then Superficial,” says an anonymous Europlop reader, “different from what other artists in his category seem to be doing. He just moved to Stockholm… I hope he’ll get big in Sweden!”

Tom: The overwhelming message I got from this song? He is, indeed, takin’ it back.

Tim: It does seem that way, doesn’t it?

Tom: It’s big but not particularly lush; despite loud bass and percussion, it seems fairly simple even through the spacey middle eight.

Tim: Yeah. It’s nice, though – a short message, conveyed successfully. It doesn’t need to be big and complicated, and it certainly couldn’t have lasted much beyond the three-minute mark.

Tom: Just when you want it to come back with a massive final chorus, it… well, it doesn’t. Then, a few bars later when you expect it to… it still doesn’t. And then, when everything drops down to silence and you think this is going to be massive… it isn’t.

Musical blueballs, Tim.

Tim: Damn those blueballs.