Saturday Flashback: Charlotte Church – Back To Scratch

Rather lovely.

Tom: I missed this when it came out, which isn’t surprising since it didn’t make much of an impact on the world. But this song is rather lovely.

Tim: Ooh, it does start out nice and tinkly, doesn’t it?

Tom: In particular, it’s one bit of the chorus – that first line, with the unexpected melody line that reminds me of something but I can’t think what.

Tim: IS IT: Then I saw her face! Because the first time kind of reminds me of that.

Tom: No. Anyway – the rest of the song is pleasant too, but it’s that chorus part that made this song stand out to me in the background music of a pub the other day. And that video takes a brilliant concept and plays with it well enough to be interesting.

Tim: How they did that is fantastic. I love it.

Tom: I wonder if that studio tech’s been used for porn yet?

Tim: Eight Welsh folk, eight sheep – yeah, I can see that working.

Tom: Ah, going for the “acceptable targets” comedy there. Classic.