“It’s…huh. Pretty good. Um.”

Tim: Previously, on Europlop!, we tried to listen to Still Need To Dance but ended up complaining that it was more of a film with a musical backing. Now, they’ve pointed us in the direction of their new track. So what’s the video like?

Tom: For a start, it’s got brief shots of a topless woman, blood and injury, and other occasionally inappropriate things in it, so viewers at work may want to keep this in a background tab.

Tim: Good point. Unless you work in a fishmonger’s, in which case you may use it as a training video.

Tom: Other than that, it’s largely nonsensical.

Tim: Well, full of destruction, which is always fun, but even better than that, it doesn’t interrupt the music! So let’s review that properly.

It’s…huh. Pretty good. Um. Part of me thinks that the bloke shouting/girl chanting combination jars a bit, but part of me thinks it works well. Though to be honest, a larger part of me is somewhat indifferent and reckons that while they’re both decent, it’s the backing music that really stands out here.

Tom: Solid drums and keyboard in the background, true – but that voice is good, too.

Tim: It is, and actually, on a second listen, I want to change my opinion. I now think it’s great, because I’ve got it. The ahh-ah-ahhing works as a nice complement to the backing bit, and the bloke singing over the top should be seen as the main vocal bit. That way, it’s almost a sort of instrumental chorus, and it’s lovely. And also contrasts somewhat with the whole destruction thing going on in the video, which is…interesting?

Tom: I think “interesting” just about sums it up.