Anna Bergendahl – Live and Let Go

She sounds a bit like a lost member of the Corrs.

Tom: Not a kids’ cover of “Live and Let Die”, I’m guessing?

Tim: You guess correctly, and because last week you didn’t remember Greta from this year’s Eurovision, I’ll assume you don’t remember Anna, who represented Sweden in 2010 but (for the first time for Sweden), didn’t qualify for the final.

Tom: I remember thinking she sounds a bit like a lost member of the Corrs.

Tim: Two and a half years later, she’s hoping the Swedes will have forgiven her and has a new track out.

Tim: And it’s…well, it’s even less interesting than the Eurovision one was, disappointingly. It would have been nice if it had been a properly exciting “Hey! Look at me here! Go on, I won Idol in 2008 and Melodifestivalen in 2010! Look, remember how amazing I am?” but it seems it’s not to be.

Tom: She’s basically the Joe McElderry of Sweden, then?

Tim: Erm…yes, that just about stands up as a comparison.

It’s alright, I suppose – it’s a decent ballad, but it never goes anywhere. It’s starts quiet and soulful, and it finishes quiet and soulful. Which is fine if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s pleasant enough, and I do like that chorus melody.

Finally (and somehow I’ve only just noticed this), “I’d rather just go” is hardly an appropriate chorus line for a comeback track, is it?