Hurts – Miracle

“That sounds very much like Coldplay.”

Tim: First single off the upcoming second album. Have a listen, why don’t you?

Tom: Two things: first, that’s really very good, and second, that sounds very much like Coldplay.

Tim: As mentioned on Saturday, Radio 1’s boss has declared that guitars are coming back. There’s good reason for this – we’re all aware that having a guitar immediately makes you a very authentic musician. But, sarcasm aside (yes, I know), this here may provide something to (a) back him up, and (b) make us formerly horrified pop people merely somewhat alarmed.

Tom: See, I’ve no problem with guitars in pop at all – but then, I didn’t have a problem with the brief return of the saxophone solo either.

Tim: Because this is pretty good, really. It’s recognisably Hurts, but quite a bit heavier than anything on their first first album. Bits of it are Coldplay-esque, sure, but others, particularly the pre-chorus lines and all the closing section, are very Hurts indeed.

Tom: It is: I’m not sure how I feel about that change, but I can’t deny it’s a good track.

Tim: I like that a lot, and am now looking forward more than ever for their album Exile, due in a couple of months.