Gabrielle – Regn fra blå himmel

I got distracted during that first verse and then woke up during that chorus.

Tim: First single off her second album, this is.

Tom: And just to repeat, again: “not that Gabrielle”.

Tim: What we have here is a song you start playing, think ‘yeah, it’s alright’, get distracted reading something or other, and end up missing the blinder of a chorus that the verses really don’t do justice to. So if you missed it, go back and have another listen. It’s worth it.

Tom: That’s actually exactly what happened with me. I got distracted during that first verse and then, well, “woke up” during that chorus.

Tim: The verses are nice enough, sure, but they’re not really much out of the ordinary. That chorus, though, short as it may be, does come with some fantastic instrumentation to it which is brilliant. I just wish it was longer, and the verses were a bit shorter. Or perhaps just better. That’d be preferable, I think.

Tom: Agreed. It is a damn good chorus, though.