Hurts – Somebody To Die For

“When Hurts are good, they’re very, very good.”

Tim: Hurts haven’t yet been having much success with the singles off this album; with this track, though, they’re certainly going the right way about trying.

Tim: It may be well over a minute before anything happens, aside from the typical Hurts vocal that I find particularly enjoyable and take for granted, but when it all kicks off at 1:25 there’s no way you can deny it was worth it.

Tom: Ooh, now it’s rare for me to say that I like a long intro, but I really do here. The build was very, very much worth the wait.

Tim: The production under that chorus is really quite incredible.

Tom: No! No, it’s not! It’s awful. Really, really bad. But only on the YouTube version.

Tim: What? Oh, yes, you’re right. Sorry, I was listening in iTunes, God, that’s awful.

Tom: Seriously, if you’re reading this, listen to the Spotify version instead. All those odd volume dips and cutouts are missing, and — yes, you’re absolutely right, the production is incredible. What a shame that odd over-compression’s ruined it.

Tim: The middle eight with the strings is brilliant, and when the electric guitar kicks in with a minute to go it really is just fantastic. I don’t have many issues saying it’s one of their best yet, because instrumentally alone it’s – you know, I think I’ve run out of adjectives to describe it. I just can’t understand why they chose to lead the album with Miracle, which in comparison to this, and others on there, is just dire. This, though, this is just stunning. Ah, there we go.

Tom: I think you’ve summed up my thoughts rather well there. When Hurts are good, they’re very, very good.

Tim: Also, there was a video online for about a day but then it got taken down; not sure why, but apparently it had a load of religious imagery and stuff in it, which sounds about right, really.