Rixton – Me and My Broken Heart

“And the game we’re playing is…”

Tom: These chaps just popped into the office where I work for an interview. Despite their eight million YouTube views, I haven’t heard of them – so here’s their lead single from a couple of months ago.

Tim: You know, when I first read that sentence, I was all ready to jump in with a smart-arse “actually, you have heard of them” and link to the post we wrote about them that I presumed you’d forgotten about, because I’d swear blind we’d done one. But no, so let’s.

Tom: And the game we’re playing is: where have they ripped all the elements of their song from?

Tom: I spotted some of Rob Thomas’ Lonely No More (he’s got co-writing credit), and Dido’s Thank You — but more directly, those opening lines are almost a straight rip from Rhythm of Life from Sweet Charity.

Tim: The first and last, agreed, but I can’t hear Dido. Really?

Tom: Listen to the last line of that chorus: “me and my broken heart”. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Tim: Eeehhh, ever so very slightly. For the other two, I’d say yes to the first, given the writing credit, but to the last, well, it’s a bit obscure to cry rip-off from, isn’t it?

Tom: Obscure? Hardly. It’s lasted a lot longer than most boy bands. And remember that Guinness ad?

Tim: Hmm…

Tom: I know, it could be a coincidence. I know, it’s a good melody. But it’s just too damn distracting; I can’t think of anything else but those other songs. Because professional as it sounds: this surely ain’t their song.

Tim: Well, I’ve not heard either of those two songs, so I’ve got no problem. I think it’s a great track, and really do rather like it.