Union J – Tonight We Live Forever

“This is a great, great song.”

Tim: After a not-officially-acknowledged-but-let’s-be-honest disappointingly performing first album, they’ve moved record labels in an an attempt to reach out globally and now they’re back with this, replete with emojis that’ll annoy you if you want to sing along.

Tom: There’s a new Unicode entry for “levitating man in business suit”. I’d love to see them fit that in.

Tim: Ignoring the mystery of why “it’s all 👍” is pronounced the same as “👍 it’s all good 👍” and that truly cringeworthy “look at this CRAZY hot dog thing” clip in the video, this is a great, great song.

Tom: Yep: and specifically ruined by those clips so it can’t be ripped off YouTube.

Tim: As ever. There’s also a whole load of oh-ing, a properly upbeat chorus with wonderful soaring notes to wave your arms around to, and I know I spent most of the last post we wrote about them comparing their debut to One Direction’s, but now I’ve though about it it’s hard not to see the themic similarities between this and Live While We’re Young – both a “let’s all have a whole lot of fun together” message.

Tom: True. It ain’t quite One Direction, but then, what is?

Tim: Hmm, possibly 5 Seconds of Summer, but not much else. So basically, IT’S ALL 👍.