“Weird Al” Yankovic – Tacky

“The best in the business.”

Tom: I’ve previously opined that any song parody should last no longer than 30 seconds. There is one person that I’ll make a consistent exception that rule for.

Tom: Because every line’s a joke. Because it’s been honed over years. Because, god damn it, the man’s been making song parodies for nearly forty years and he is, undisputably, the best in the business.

Tim: Can’t disagree with any of that of that, I think – it seems to be a long-established fact that if you want a song parody, you go to Weird Al.

Tom: He’s got a new album, is releasing eight videos in eight days, and frankly that’s all I want to say. Musically? Yep, it’s a great song, but it always would be. But Al’s clearly still got it, too.