Saturday Flashback: Westlife – Queen Of My Heart

“I had to stop myself from throwing my hands in the air.”

Tim: Strictly Come Dancing’s back on this weekend; shall we have a waltz?

Tom: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: put the emphasis on the wrong word, Strictly Come Dancing sounds filthy.

Tim: I’m not sure how to type the noise you make when you’re almost throwing up. Imagine I have, though, because that’s pretty much what I’ve just done.

Tim: No ashamed to say it: one of my favourite songs ever, largely because of the video which is wonderful on many, many counts – the lights underneath the stairs and the ballroom, the colour coming in for the chorus, Nicky shaving his head for no apparent reason other than that he doesn’t have any singing to do at that point, Kian lying seductively on the mantelpiece because he knows he’s got it.

Tom: I can’t say I react quite the same way, but then there are scantily clad women slowly dancing, so I can still get behind this.

Tim: As for what happens at the key change, it’s up there with Dina Garipova and 3+2 for sheer ridiculousness.

Tom: Agreed. I had to stop myself from instinctively throwing my hands in the air.

Tim: Not just the video, though: lyrically it’s one of the nicest break-up songs I can think of, and it’s got beautiful chiming bells. I wake up to this song most mornings, and sometimes I will happily let it go on repeat for half an hour.

Tom: Wait, what?