Blue – King of the World

“We’ve Grown Up Now”

Tom: Yep. New album, new label, new single. And a very different style from what you might expect.

Tom: For a start, there’s that double bass. I think this is intended to say “We’ve Grown Up Now” in big letters.

Tim: And in fairness, it says it very well. You’d have a hard time selling this to a young audience, certainly.

Tom: Okay, let’s get something out of the way: Duncan James is constantly trying to steal every shot he’s in. He looks either like he’s mugging for the camera, or just doing the whole thing ironically.

Tim: Not untrue.

Tom: There’s a bit of a weird vibe throughout the video, but I think that’s mostly editorial decision rather than anything to do with the band. And as for the music: well, am I being too harsh if I say it’s straight onto the Radio 2 B-playlist?

Tim: Erm…

Tom: I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a good track. There are plenty of tracks that don’t make it there. It’s pleasant. It’ll make the album sell for Mother’s Day. But I don’t think it’ll be lighting up the pop charts any time soon.

Tim: There, you’re definitely right. A shame, though really it’s hard to imagine Radio 1 playlisting them at all, whatever they come out with, so at least they’ve got one audience in mind.