Hurts – Some Kind Of Heaven

“They’ve learned their lesson from last time”

Tim: Disappointingly, Hurts’s second album never quite matched up to the performance of their first, largely because for a significant part of it, it was a complete racket. Hopefully, though, they’ll turn things around for their third album, Surrender, of which this is the lead single.

Tim: And that’s very much in the style we always liked – subdued and brooding pop with a touch of electro, with a big chorus.

Tom: And of course, a moody, slightly off-kilter video.

Tim: Well, naturally. This time we’re low on the crashing drums and electric guitars – basically they’ve learned their lesson from last time and are making music that their fans (and hopefully they) like all over again, and of that I can be very grateful indeed.

Tom: I agree: this is brilliant from start to finish.

Tim: It’s certainly got a lot to recommend itself, there’s not doubting that – it does feel very familiar, though, but I’m not sure why.

Tom: It does; that first line of the middle eight reminds me of something specific, but I can’t remember what. But then, you’ve got a standard break-beat and “yeah, yeah”s — there’s only so many variations on that. Everything around it, particularly that staccato string section, is great.

Tim: We’re agreed, then – ALL GOOD, bring on the album.