Hurts – Rolling Stone

“More or less perfect”

Tim: Second single to be unveiled from album number three, and, well, I don’t want to sell it too strongly and all that, but it’s more or less perfect.

Tim: Because we basically have everything that was good about the first album in the verses, and then everything that wasn’t too rackety from their second album in the chorus, and that post-chorus guitar section in particular is just wonderful.

Tom: It’s rare for my jaw to actually, literally drop, but it happened at the start of that chorus. I disagree with you on that post-chorus guitar, though; it seems a little out of place. Also, I just wanted to sing OneRepublic’s “Apologize” over the top of it, because those drum sounds are basically the same. (And those strings, come to think of it.)


Once you throw in the lyrics, which start with “In fair verona where we lay our scene, Juliet is on her knees” and descend from there, when the chorus kicks in I basically want to thrash around and scream.

Tom: I’m not as much of a fan of those as you, but I can’t quite put a finger on why. It’s good, it’s clearly very good, and I don’t want to take away from that, but I can see why it wasn’t the lead single.

Tim: All in all, what we have Hurts here at their absolute finest, which is basically music at its absolute finest, and dammit I hate that Some Kind of Heaven basically got no promo at all, because COME ON THEY MUST BE HEARD. Let’s PLAY THIS FROM THE ROOFTOPS and also I found out recently that you can request songs to be played on Beats 1, so can we all phone them up immediately please and send iMessages to THANKS GUYS.