John De Sohn feat. Sigrid Bernson – Happy Hours

“That got unexpectedly confessional.”

Tim: Big new tune for you from dance producer John, with vocals supplied by, erm, one the dancers on Swedish Strictly.

Tim: “Why wait for the happy ending, when all you need is the happy hours?” An attitude, I suspect, that most people have but would be less than happy to admit to – sod the future, so what if it doesn’t work out for the best, let’s just enjoy right now. That was, in fact, pretty much the attitude that got me through university, and much as my dad keeps telling me not to, basically how I’m currently going with any sort of career.

Tom: Wow. That got unexpectedly confessional.

Tim: It did, didn’t it? Let’s move on, because on top of that: what a banging tune, no?

Tom: The pitch-twisted vocals certainly made me sit up and listen. Big drums, big production — that first build promised a lot, and it even managed to deliver. I’m not sure that chorus, despite the truths it apparently reveals, it quite as good or clever as it wants to be — and even at 3:36 it overstays its welcome a bit.

Tim: I particularly like the big bells that are all over the place, and the vocal layered on top of itself so that by the end we’re almost in Icona Pop territory – I LOVE IT.

Tom: Tighten it up a bit, go somewhere interesting with that middle eight, and you’d have a truly great track.