V & JIN – It’s Definitely You

“Falling into hell, soul being set on fire.”

Tim: A break from the ordinary here, with a track from the soundtrack of a Korean TV drama series called Hwarang, but it came up on an algorithmically-generated new music playlist, and I happen to like it.

Tom: I love it when the description of a YouTube video says “NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED”. It might not be intended, mate, but it still is.

Tim: My favourite’s “I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS” – like, really? There was me thinking that you, Iheartniall99, actually were the sole copyright holder of What Makes You Beautiful.

Tom: Anyway.

Tim: Yes. I don’t know much (well, anything) about the TV show beyond what’s on Wikipedia, but what we seem to have here is your standard love song. I say standard, it’s also remarkably desperate and slightly disconcerting what with the whole falling into hell, soul being set on fire vibe of the lyrics, but hey, why not?

Tom: That’s a classic chorus, isn’t it? I’m sure I’ve heard bits of that melody before, and that chord progression’s definitely familiar, but it’s good.

Tim: The music it’s set to manages to keep everything under control and happy sounding – this version’s actually performed by two members of boyband BTS, perhaps explaining why it sold five times as many copies as any of the other eight songs.

Tom: Do not underestimate the power of K-pop boy bands: imagine if One Direction, but with sub-groups, changing rosters, and… heck, just read some of this. Yes, “BTS” will sell records.

Tim: And hey, they’ve done a good job with it, and that’s all that matters really.