Sigrid Bernson – Hot Like The Sun

“Full pineapple from the start.”

Tim: I’ve no idea who the male vocalist is, and there doesn’t seem to be any information anywhere about him, but never mind. Don’t let him put you off, though, because part of this song is amazing.

Tom: Well, that’s full pineapple from the start, isn’t it? I’m not sure they actually hired a male vocalist, I think they just got some stock samples of someone yelling “BABY GIRL”, “HEY” and “LET’S GO” loudly and stuck them in.

Tim: You know, that actually wouldn’t remotely surprise me.

Tom: What’s the amazing bit for you, then?

Tim: Well that would be the chorus.

Tom: Really?

Tim: The chorus is great, and the post-chorus. The verses I can take or leave, the pre-chorus is pretty good, but damn that’s a good chorus. “Done, done, baby we are done do-one, baby we are done done done” may not be the most creative lyric ever written, but the presentation of it is joyous, and really, really gets me going. I don’t know if I’m just in the mood for this sort of track today and I might not like it as much tomorrow.

Tom: I have a sneaking suspicion that’s true. It’s not a great lyric or composition, and that whistle sample is bloody awful.

Tim: Even if that’s the case, though, that particular bit strikes me as like the “who wakes you up to drive you home” pre-chorus in It Ain’t Me: a really, really good bit that immediately raises a track’s score by at least 20%. Right now, I like this a lot.