RaeLynn – Tailgate

“Modern pop-country is basically just schlager with different instrumentation.”

Tom: This is not Europop, Tim. This is as far from Europop as you can get. It’s pop-country. But I’m driving through the US at the moment, and I tuned to a country station, and found that I was smiling at this chorus. The song’s a few months old, but the video is new:

Tim: Oh, that really is a good chorus. Got me swaying and everything.

Tom: And this is why I mention it: I maintain that modern pop-country is basically just schlager with different instrumentation. Here’s why: verse, chorus, verse, chorus, middle eight, chorus, done in just over three minutes. Catchy chorus that you can sing by the end of the first listen. Entirely predictable chord progression.

Tim: Yep – like with the first couple of tracks this week, totally formula, totally well done.

Tom: All it’s missing is a key change.