Benjamin – Kaksi kotia

“To be honest I’m kind of having trouble verbalising.”

Tim: “I’m bored of arguing, let’s just call it quits.” Nope, it’s not what I’m thinking right now about this site, but what Benjamin’s having a sing about.

Tom: I could not remember a single thing about that after it finished.

Tim: Hmm. So, I really, really like this – but for lots of reasons that to be honest I’m kind of having trouble verbalising. Sure, I could describe the individual parts of it, but that wouldn’t really come across right because I’d be mentioning things like that peculiar eagle sound effect, and even though it’s objectively weird it just kind of works.

Tom: I went back to listen again, and found that all the things that stood out now bugged me. The talky bit in the middle eight, the eagle-scream synth, the echoing “baby” at the end of the first verse. I’ve got the exact opposite reaction to you.

Tim: I could also talk about the melody, and production levels, and that sort of thing, but again nothing would quite sum it up properly, really, because it’s more than that. It’s just the whole…thing. Just works, unquantifiably. And you know, I like that, every now and again.

Tom: I’m glad someone does.