DJ Herzbeat – Maybe ft. Sonia Liebing

“Schlager time.”

Tom: Schlager time.

Tim: Hooray!

Tom: Three minutes long, could probably stand to either be a bit shorter or go up a key for that final verse, it’s basically exactly what you expect from something like that.

Tim: It is – though actually, I’d disagree about the key change. It’d work in a pop track, sure, but for big dance bangers like this I’m not sure you need it. Something new in there, perhaps, or tone down the first choruses just slightly, but I’d say a key change is the wrong answer. And I’ll probably never say that again.

Tom: But here’s what I’m trying to work out: is the first attempt we’ve seen at a socially-distanced “normal” music video, or did they just film the two of them in an empty club and accidentally come up with a bleak vision of what Ibiza’s going to be like this summer?

Tim: Hmm, good point – the lyrics make no mention of anything like that, but yeah – certainly is an upsetting look ahead.

2 thoughts on “DJ Herzbeat – Maybe ft. Sonia Liebing”

  1. Said it before and I’ll say it again: Hard to have a floorfiller when it is illegal to fill the floor above 25% capacity

  2. also, like, I don’t know, “You and I are together for the first time in a long while”, “But if I can’t see you I feel empty”, and “Tonight I just need your smiling face” sound like pretty Topical lyrics to me, Tim. Just because it isn’t beating you over the head with it doesn’t mean it wasn’t in some way inspired by it…

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