DJ Herzbeat feat. Paulina Wagner – Es Ist Love

“Sorry, I am literally sitting here just repeating the word ‘geslided’ to myself out loud.”

Tim: Now, before you press play, be aware that there are a number of moments in the lyrics that will make you wince and let out an ‘oh, mate, just no’.

Tom: From our favourite ridiculous schlager channel? I’m shocked. There are certain traditions here that I’m going to miss when we finish writing this, Tim, but cringing at dodgy lyrics is not one of them.

Tim: Hmm, that’s fair. There are two things to know this time, though: everything is justified within the narrative of the lyrics (and they do tell a heartwarming tale), and all the awkwardness is stuck in the first verse, so the chorus and second verse are fine.

Tom: “Geliked” and “Geslided”. Geslided. Geslided. Sorry, I am literally sitting here just repeating the word “geslided” to myself out loud. Incredible.

Tim: She found him on Insta, you see, and checked out his feed, and went for the old DM slide, and he liked her photos right away, and, well, he’s got an inspiring bio that quotes Goethe so really what else is a girl meant to do but sing a really pretty good and banging dance tune about it?

Tom: Plenty more fish in the sea, love. That said, this is exactly the sort of song we set out to find when we started ten years ago: yes, it seems a bit by-the-numbers, but there’s clearly been work put into the composition and production. DJ Herzbeat knows what he’s doing.

Tim: It’s love, you see, Tom, IT’S LOVE. AND NOT JUST A DREAM. IT’S LOVE.

Tom: Heh. “Geslided.”

DJ Herzbeat – Maybe ft. Sonia Liebing

“Schlager time.”

Tom: Schlager time.

Tim: Hooray!

Tom: Three minutes long, could probably stand to either be a bit shorter or go up a key for that final verse, it’s basically exactly what you expect from something like that.

Tim: It is – though actually, I’d disagree about the key change. It’d work in a pop track, sure, but for big dance bangers like this I’m not sure you need it. Something new in there, perhaps, or tone down the first choruses just slightly, but I’d say a key change is the wrong answer. And I’ll probably never say that again.

Tom: But here’s what I’m trying to work out: is the first attempt we’ve seen at a socially-distanced “normal” music video, or did they just film the two of them in an empty club and accidentally come up with a bleak vision of what Ibiza’s going to be like this summer?

Tim: Hmm, good point – the lyrics make no mention of anything like that, but yeah – certainly is an upsetting look ahead.