Saturday Flashback: Stee Wee Bee – A Star (In The Name Of Our Love)

“Here’s a mystery for you.”

Tom: Here’s a mystery for you, Tim. You remember Ein Stern? Nik P, then DJ Ötzi, then brought back again last year?

Tim: Of course.

Tom: Well, the definitive version — the first Ötzi one — came out in 2007. The Wikipedia article for it lists a half-dozen translations. But this one isn’t there. And I can’t find any more information about it.

Tim: They got rid of the key change. That’s disappointing. But otherwise, gosh.

Tom: Who is Stee Wee Bee?

Tim: Was going to be my next question – it’s an entirely ridiculous name, whoever it is.

Tom: No idea. I suspect it’s the producer, not the vocalist, because the name turns up again on this cheesy but fun Neil Sedaka remix. But in theory they could be the same person: there’s no reason a vocalist can’t also produce. Or it could be a deliberate disguise for someone else.

Tim: Well, that “are you ready?” line about a minute sounds very much like early Basshunter, but it’s probably not him. Sadly.

Tom: Either way, this track sits in that sort of odd wasteland of tracks that turn up on Eurodance compilation CDs and Dance Nation’s annual Christmas release. And it’s competent, of course: but where it falls down is that the cadence required for “A Star” just doesn’t work in English. “Ein Stern”? Sure. Sounds fine. But you can’t put emphasis on ‘a’ without it sounding.. well, like this.

Tim: Yeah. ‘One Star’ could work and not mess up the message too much, but yeah, not ‘A Star’.