David Hasselhoff – True Survivor

Tim: What is this please.

Tom: We’re about a month late to the party on this one, but since the movie that it’s from was released the other day — and yes, there’s a story behind that but I’m not going into it — let’s talk about this, deliberate VHS-tracking effects and all.

Tom: It’s a parody soundtrack to a parody film, but here’s the thing: I don’t reckon it’s actually any good.

Tim: Hmm. See, my thought was “it’s not actually as entirely terrible as I though it would be.”

Tom: The trouble with overly-complicated film parodies like this is that they seem to rely on references rather than actual jokes. Yep, it’s David Hasselhoff! Yep, it looks like it’s off an 80s video! Oh wow, they made it sound like the 80s too! Now… now can we have some decent gags?

Tim: An excellent point; I don’t think I can bring myself to watch the film to find out if that’s the case, though.

Tom: This track’s the same. Just because you’ve made it sound like the 80s doesn’t make it a good song. Is it trying to be? I don’t know.

Tim: I’ve a feeling it actually is trying to be, because there are moments in there that aren’t bad – the pre-chorus, in particular (though bizarrely removed for the second chorus), actually seems like a lead-in a decent section; it isn’t, as it turns out, but it’s a clear indication that they were trying.

Tom: But if it’s not, then this should be a 20-second joke, not a full and disappointing full record that has, bizarrely, been released through Universal Music and put on David Hassellhoff’s official VEVO account.

Tim: His…his what now?

Tom: No, I didn’t know he had one either.