Hurts – Blind

“Dark enough without the video.”

Tim: This is the second single off their very difficult second album; there’s a video for it, but it’s so dark it actually kind of spoiled the song for me, so I’m not even going to link to it. Instead, let’s have four and a half minutes of artwork.

Tim: According to my ratings, this is the joint-second best song on the album, though admittedly that’s not really saying much. It is, however, quite a bit closer to proper first-album Hurts than Miracle was, which is good.

Tom: And the song’s dark enough without the video: “cut out my eyes, and leave me blind”.

Tim: Oh God yes — the lyrics are…a bit off, shall we say. Firstly, I have a bit of a thing about eyes and violence, in that it really really freaks me out, so I could do with some nicer words, but secondly there’s the whole idea of it – I wish I hadn’t dumped you, but since I did I hope you’re just as miserable as me.

Tom: I have to remind myself that Hurts aren’t anywhere near happy-clappy even at their most upbeat – but there was so much more in those tracks on the first album.

Tim: There was, yes, and I suppose this is darker than previously; having said all that, though, there’s still the music. The tune. And it’s lovely. Just, really lovely. I really can’t fault it. And that, I suppose, it what Theo and Adam do when they’re at their best – horribly downbeat songs with great music behind them. IT’S GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK, GUYS.