Charlotte Perrelli – Bröllopsvalsen

“This does seem a little… too much.”

Tim: Or, to put it Englishly, Wedding Waltz. And, much as with yesterday’s “Brinner i bröstet”, it has exactly the sound you’d associate with its title.

Tom: Good grief, it is actually a waltz! There aren’t many pop tracks in anything other than 4/4 time.

Tim: Yes, I like that – whole lot more interesting. It is entirely gentle, entirely happy, entirely waltzy; some might say dull, because even by non-banger standards there’s little to get excited about here, but it is a genuinely lovely sense of either “sit back and relax” if you’re listening at home, or “stand up and walk over to that special someone” if you’re at a wedding or some other such romantic occasion.

Tom: Something I’ve learned as friends get married: I never get emotional during wedding ceremonies, but I do during first dances. This, though, does seem a little… too much. A bit too cloying. A bit too try-hard. It’s a song about a wedding, not a song that could be played at a wedding, and I think that’s what twitches it over the edge to “a bit much”.

Tim: It’s not often I’d agree with you about too much emotional stuff, but here I think you might be right. Also, this song reminded me of how sad it is that even in this enlightened age there are, as you pointed out, still so few songs in waltz time, and that then immediately prompted me to play Queen Of My Heart, because why wouldn’t you?

Tom: I’ll bet that some couple, somewhere, has accidentally used that as a first dance song.

Tim: Given that I Will Always Love You generally tops the “songs to play at your wedding” lists, I would be astounded if you’re wrong.