The Magnettes – Hollywood

“Eurgh, that fade out ending.”

Tim: The Magnettes are a pair from Sweden comprised of Rebecka Digervall and Sanna Kalla, and are here today to present episode two of “Where Else Has Tim Heard That Chord Progression?”

Tom: I mean, technically last time it was a melody, but okay, let’s roll with this.

Tim: Pedant, and either way it’s probably not a game show that has a particularly long lifespan, but then you said that about Tropical Fridays, and who knows what’s coming up tomorrow?

Tom: 🍍

Tim: The third and first half of the fourth section of that bass loop, any idea? Fairly sure it’s some sort of rock track.

Tom: Actually, I was going with the theme tune to Steven Universe, mainly because of those descending sections in the melody, but I think you’re probably thinking of the bass progression from Creep.

Tim: Ah, yes, that’s the one. But also, eurgh, that fade out ending. Come on, people, haven’t were moved past that yet?

Tom: Sia hasn’t. Maybe they’re making a comeback.

Tim: Oh, I do hope not. Aside from that, perfectly decent pop/rock track – I particularly like that rowdy “ah-ah-ah-ah” section out of the middle eight – and there’s not a lot of female-fronted stuff like around at the moment. So welcome along ladies, please help yourselves to a microphone. And a manual on how to write an ending.