The Magnettes – Sad Girls Club

“One of the worst lyrics I’ve ever heard.”

Tim: With advance warning of a few f-bombs from this pair of Swedes, Rebeka and Sanna, HAPPY FRIDAY!

Tim: Now, I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Tom: I am: the intro’s shouty and repetitive in a grating way. The verse keeps reminding me of the verses from Little Mix’s Black Magic, in a really irritating way. “Go get cancer” is one of the worst lyrics I’ve ever heard. In short: I do not like this song.

Tim: All of that is fine, particularly the lyric part. But I want to discuss the feeling and emotion of it. Apparently, the Sad Girls Club is ‘not something [the Magnettes] invented, but the idea of a sanctuary where you’re allowed to be sad, different or plain hostile. To counteract a world that tells you to smile when everything systematically sucks.’ And I guess that’s fair enough – why shouldn’t we accept shittiness when we find it and identify with it, or when we really, really don’t feel good?

Except, this is a party tune.

Tom: Right. And despite my strong dislike of the rest of it, I have to admit that this has a brilliant chorus. Seriously, this is one of the best choruses I’ve heard all this year. It’s Icona Pop on a good day, it’s incredibly well produced, it’s even good when it gets stripped down for the middle eight.

Tim: It is – it’s a great dance chorus, and like you said: it’s an Icona Pop style song, so much that if you were DJing somewhere you could go straight from I Love It to this and a lot of people wouldn’t even realise the song has changed. So the big question is, how is it counteracting a world that tells you to smile, when it is so clearly telling you to jump around and have the fun that, allegedly, they don’t want? Add to that the whole ‘mentally fucked up’ lyric – I just think this song is so horribly inappropriate.

Tom: Yep. There is so much potential here, and once the verses get out of the way, it’s not bad at all. But the rest of it just torpedoes it for me.

Tim: Obviously, depression songs shouldn’t start and end with Radiohead, but this? It’s way too far the other way, and for that I’ll take Nizlopi any day, please.

Tom: Do we have to? I’d forgotten about them.

Tim: Oh, I rather liked that one. But if not, and if we want a party tune, then strike out the lyrics, and I’m fine. AAARGH.

The Magnettes – Hollywood

“Eurgh, that fade out ending.”

Tim: The Magnettes are a pair from Sweden comprised of Rebecka Digervall and Sanna Kalla, and are here today to present episode two of “Where Else Has Tim Heard That Chord Progression?”

Tom: I mean, technically last time it was a melody, but okay, let’s roll with this.

Tim: Pedant, and either way it’s probably not a game show that has a particularly long lifespan, but then you said that about Tropical Fridays, and who knows what’s coming up tomorrow?

Tom: 🍍

Tim: The third and first half of the fourth section of that bass loop, any idea? Fairly sure it’s some sort of rock track.

Tom: Actually, I was going with the theme tune to Steven Universe, mainly because of those descending sections in the melody, but I think you’re probably thinking of the bass progression from Creep.

Tim: Ah, yes, that’s the one. But also, eurgh, that fade out ending. Come on, people, haven’t were moved past that yet?

Tom: Sia hasn’t. Maybe they’re making a comeback.

Tim: Oh, I do hope not. Aside from that, perfectly decent pop/rock track – I particularly like that rowdy “ah-ah-ah-ah” section out of the middle eight – and there’s not a lot of female-fronted stuff like around at the moment. So welcome along ladies, please help yourselves to a microphone. And a manual on how to write an ending.